Healthcare Activist Program

Community Health Facilitator (CHF) program The CHF program was started with an objective of making quality healthcare accessible and affordable to those who are poor and are pushed below poverty levels with one incidence of hospitalization. We have a 3 step approach to address this problem. Identify women living in the local rural communities, and […]

Nutrition Interventions

The Community Health Facilitators (CHFs) undertake and promote soak pits to keep a clean environment. They create kitchen gardens to promote intake of fresh, homegrown vegetables for improved nutrition. Workshops, group sessions, exhibitions, cooking competitions and demonstrations are conducted to educate people about nutrition. The benefits of children feeding on locally grown veggies is also […]

Water and Sanitation Projects

A very measly percentage of the population, especially in the villages, have access to toilets, which paints a grim picture about the sanitary awareness and infrastructure in the country. The WHO study reveals that such unhealthy conditions contribute immensely to the occurrence of 80% of diarrheal diseases through contaminated water from open defecation. We realized […]