Healthcare Activist Program

Community Health Facilitator (CHF) program

The CHF program was started with an objective of making quality healthcare accessible and affordable to those who are poor and are pushed below poverty levels with one incidence of hospitalization.

We have a 3 step approach to address this problem.

  • Identify women living in the local rural communities, and train them on a contract in disease prevention, local resources identification to solve health problems and creating access to various health products and services like water, sanitation, nutrition, renewable energy cooking fuels, sanitary napkins and others.
  • Formation of health savings groups to enable the poor access loans at the village to purchase consultation, diagnostic and medicines at the networked hospitals at a discount.
  • Training the CHFs to learn to manufacture and distribute water, facilitate toilet construction in the village and make manufacture health related products and provide services for an incentive, granting an income.

We thus have a dual focus of health outcome and income generation by training on healthcare services and locally relevant health solutions through micro-enterprise opportunities for women. Ours is also the 4E Model approach which includes steps to Equip, Establish, Elevate and Enable.

Basic Care Providers (BCP) program

Goal of the Project

To enhance the reach of health services in rural areas of Bihar and UP through Basic Care Providers (BCPs) and mobile clinics to make quality healthcare accessible at affordable prices to the poor.

Objective of the Training

To develop master trainers to further train the CHFs as BCPs and rollout the BCP programme.

The scheduled training was planned in partnership with Stanford University’s Emergency Medical Department and was launched on the 8th August 2016 at Buxar in Bihar. A screening decisions support app was also been developed to assist CHFs.

The trained BCPs provide a full cycle continuum of care model of outreach health services. The BCPs are supported by the presence of medically qualified doctors in the project.