In a soaring population that India has, the dismal state of a large section of the society that lacks access to any form of healthcare financing and risk pooling calls for a serious concern and need for redressal. In a rapidly developing country as ours, for the World Bank to discover and publish that 20% of the population goes below poverty line with one incident of hospitalisation, is grave instance of giving up efforts to keep up our dignity. To live with the fact that nearly 47% of rural India and 31% of urban India has to sell off land, property or other assets to finance health needs is even more unfortunate.

A need for aggressive spread of awareness against issues like lack of sanitation and hygiene, absence of toilets, early pregnancies, poor menstrual hygiene and lack of access to sanitary napkins, is essential. At Healing Fields we are innovatively addressing these needs through developing a relevant, efficient health education, and health financing model to effectively intervene and stop the downward spiral of poverty, empowering the women at the grassroots to take responsibility of theirs as well as their families’ health and wellbeing.