The Basic Care Practitioner program brings basic health services to hard to reach communities by training CHFs in basic care and diagnostics. In partnership with Stanford Emergency Medical Services Department,the Basic Care Practitioner program expands Community Health Facilitator’s skills into more advanced medical care. They learn to perform basic screenings, act as first responders in medical emergencies, refer patients appropriately and follow up with patients. Their basic intervention skills in times of crisis save lives in their communities where more advance medical care is difficult to access. BCPs charge small fees for their services, and are therefore able to supplement their household income. They are supported by a decision support app that guides them through the diagnosis and connects them to a doctor on a telemedicine platform who evaluates diagnoses and if necessary prescribe medicine.

Case Study
Ramawati Devi lives with her husband and two sons at village- Umarganj, Post- Baheri, District- Ballia (UP). She is 50 years old. Her husband has a Pan shop at Umarganj and her both the sons help to their father after their daily wages work like this her family survive. They have to economically struggle for survived.
Ramawati Devi did not know that she is suffering from TB. She is feeling evening fever with cough from long time. She was feeling weakness. During that period one TB survey was going on by TB deportment Ballia. Our BCP Meera Singh was participated in this survey and reached her home in the month of March 18 for survey (to find out TB cases). Her elder sister in law was help to Meera Singh. BCP Meera asked the question and she answered. In circumstances of survey Meera came to doubt that her mother in law’s symptoms showing TB. She gave a pot for taking morning sputum in that. Next day BCP Meera fetched the sputum of Ramawati Devi send to hospital for test. After the test when it became clear that she is suffering, Meera reached her to take her for treatment. But she did not go. BCP motivated her three times to come for treatment but did not go and she started her treatment from a private doctor but it was not regular.
Suddenly on 25th April 2018 Ramawati has felt pain in her chest and blood in sputum. She got nervous and call to our BCP Meera Singh. Meera Singh reached her home and took her to district hospital Ballia. There at hospital her HIV test happen and weight also taken. Tomorrow again her sputum test will happen at district hospital and medicine will start. Ramawati Devi happy to reached hospital and Meera singh is also happy to help her for right treatment.
Ramawati Devi and her family members thanked to our BCP Meera Singh. Meena Singh told that thanks to Healing Fields Foundation, Because it take us from village to word.


53 Total Women Trained as BCPs
53 Villages Accessing Basic Care
10 Patients Referred to Hospitals
684 Patients Seen