Healing Fields aims to build thriving entrepreneurs and markets, thus creating an ecosystem for accessible and affordable healthcare in last-mile & disadvantaged communities. The Community Health Entrepreneur program provides a group of trained health facilitators with entrepreneurship training and a basket of health and hygiene products to sell for individual profit.

Through their role as a Community Health Facilitator our women create awareness and demand for necessary health products like sanitary napkins, soap and simple medications but often these products are difficult to access due to price, availability or the stigma of purchasing them from a public storefront. The current basket of goods contains the following items that are both in high demand and easy to distribute.

Case Study

Nasima Vijaypur, Mirzapur UP

Nasima is a hard-working CHF who underwent CHE training this year. During the community interviews she reflected on the positive impact of the CHE training.

“After the CHF program the training can be used in more ways. With the CHE training we are putting the previous CHF training to good use. I can sell goods to my village women at a low price. Therefore it becomes an earning for me, which I need. It’s very useful. I was thinking about training that we took from HFF a few days back. If am able to sell these products in my village, women will come and buy their SNP without any hesitation. They would buy from me because I am a woman and I explain clearly about the dangers of using cloth. When they used it a foul smell is produced. After washing it, the ladies keep it to dry without sunlight, more germs grow and then they use it again. The germs go inside the body. In Zilla hospital, 75 women have undergone hysterectomy due to these practices and the use of cloth that causes infection in the reproductive organs. Now instead they can purchase pads from me.”