Accessibility and affordability of menstrual hygiene products is  a major issue in the areas we work, causing preventable vaginal and urinary tract infections in women. HFF began manufacturing these sanitary napkins and engaged CHFs in the production, sourcing and distribution. The production, sourcing  and sale of the napkins creates a new opportunity for CHFs to earn a consistent income and achieve financial independence. The napkins are produced at extremely low cost and sold by CHFs to meet the needs of rural women.

Health and Hygiene products

Through their role as a CHF these women create awareness and demand for necessary health products like sanitary napkins, soap and simple medications but often these products are difficult to access due to price, availability or the stigma of purchasing them from a public storefront. The current basket of goods contains the following items that are both in high demand and easy to distribute.


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Product access to villages from CHE-110